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Children's Craft Village

Welcome to the Children's Craft Village.

The Children's Craft Village is a vital and important part of the Prosperity Virtual Ashram.

Educators are just now understanding and appreciating the value of play and games in the realm of learning. Crafts are an important part of any learning-curve. Crafting and building useful things gives a child some understanding of Applied Arts & Sciences and introduces the concept of engineering, in a very basic form.

We are dedicated to the concept of understanding; we build and apply this knowledge to the following next project. This helps to create confidence and to make solving problems a natural part of everyday life.

Here at the Children's Craft Village in Prosperity Virtual Ashram, you will find professional builders, and future builders. Our hope is to extend this wondrous children's play and learning experience in the Ashram into a worldwide global event, and we can do this with your generous help!

You can see Children's Craft Village today! Come visit us and experience the joys and learning curves of crafting and building!

Although Children's Craft Village is kid-friendly & monitored during all events, we require that a parent or guardian accompany children and participate in the learning experience. When adults learn with the kids, the kids learn better, and the adults tend to understand where the child is coming from.

This is not mere speculation. It's a given. The more responsive and enthusiastic the parent, the more participation and sheer delight we can expect from the kids, and adults who take part in our crafts programs express that they really appreciate what the kids are learning, and that they learned something from it, too, often quite unexpectedly.

We hope that you will take the time to come see the work we've done already, although there is much much more yet to do, to bring this dream into a reality.